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SportsVille Indoor Golf - Flex League  [Signup!]

Our Flex League is the perfect option for anyone that wants to compete in a competitive golf league with the freedom to play any day or anytime during the week during our open business hours.

League Summary

  • Six-week league from November 5th thru December 15th, 2018.
  • Matches consist of 9 holes/week on selected courses below.
  • Players can complete their rounds at any time during each week, print and sign score sheet.
  • 1 player team.
  • League is open to men and women 18 years of age or older.
  • Weekly fee is $25/person. $5 towards prizes and $20 towards 45 minues of golf.
  • It takes one player 30 minute to play 9 holes. 45 minutes should be largely sufficient to warmup and play 9 holes.
  • Additional time during league play will be charged at $15 / half hour or $25 per hour and so on.
  • All league plays must be booked in advance through our online booking sysem.

Golf Courses

November 5-11 Firestone (Back 9)
November 12-18 Bay Hill (Front 9)
November 19-25 Pebble Beach (Front 9)
November 26- December 2 St. Andrew's (Back 9)
December 2-8 Loch Lomond (Front 9)
December 9-15 PGA National (Back 9)

Format, Scoring and Handicap

  • This league is a 9-Hole individual stroke play competition that will have Net and Gross winners.
  • You will accumulate points based on finishing position in each category.
  • Handicaps will be established after the first 3 rounds and will be adjusted every week thereafter.
  • 36 will be the highest handicap for 18 holes and 0 will be the lowest.
  • Players can complete their weekly round at any time during business hours.
  • A player that finishes their weekly course can play the following week's course in advance.
  • A player that does not complete his/her round during a specific week will receive 0 points.
  • Prize will be dependent on the number of participants.
  • Results will be posted every week.
  • SportsVille reserves the right to adjust the handicaps and rules at all times as if it deems necessary.


The following will be the settings for all courses played:

  • Men play Amateur tees, ladies play Ladies tees, and 60+ players can play the Junior tees
  • Gimme‚Äôs set to 8ft
  • Terrain Penalty Enabled
  • No Mulligans
  • No Wind
  • No Boost
  • If a swing does not register, swing again
  • Inround practice is allowed
  • 12 Stroke Maximum (Pickup after 12 strokes)

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